About Fleekd

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for inquiring about Fleekd. This is a tutorial Vlog + some, and it was created with the intent to include everyone and everything within fleekd.com’s perspective, which is “fly within”, this includes ‘Style’ with some of its talk/slang, such as, but not limited to, Fleekd, Fly, Lit, Laid, Poppin, Slayed and all other lingo pertaining to one’s self confidence of style.

Fleekd is a comfortable, private place where you can come to connect by exploring, learning and sharing ideas and views about picture’s and video’s based from your own personal style that you bring to the Fleekd community. Feel free to just browse around the menu or create your own personal Fleekd user profile account, where you’ll become a Fleekr (member) to follow, message, share and update your status, so you can connect with like minded Fleekr’s, or create a Flock (group) of Fleekr’s with similar tastes in style, lol.

We hope that you enjoy this website. We are a work in progress and would like to grow with you into our own Fleekd culture, where we share our tastes and experiences through videos, pics and conversation. Don’t forget to ask and or tell your side in Fleekd Forums. Being kind to one another is always best, and remember, “fly within!” because you are “fly within.” 😉

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